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Next technology wave

Technology has always been a double-edged sword. This time around it’s a threat to doctors and lawyers. But then, they perhaps deserve it. They have  ceased to be friends of the humanity. They are fleecing the people with utmost disdain. We can safely conclude it’s a scam. It needs to be crushed. But there is another bigger threat. Companies providing healthcare and legal aid will be the next monster. Or, they already are?


Forced to work out of home?

Either you don’t understand it or you don’t want to say it aloud, but it’s a clear case of slavery. Modern day  slavery.

Self-Publishers Aren’t Killing The Industry, They’re Saving It

Self-Publishers Aren’t Killing The Industry, They’re Saving It.

Idle riches

Government warehouses are overflowing, with wheat crop at record high, yet prices are hardening all the time. Why Govt. is not releasing supplies, do they want to starve the poor. It looks like their intention.

Will plants replace meat?

Business Line : Today’s Paper / OPINION : Will plants replace meat?.

Zero sum Game

People have money and are spending it, buying everything in sight. They are supposed to be happy and healthy and at leisure. But the thing is these same people complain of stress and sickness. Have little time for wives. Poor children have been left to fend for themselves. Looks like a zero sum game. Somebody has to change this equation. 

Fooling the People

Third -rate people talk about economy, growth, wealth creation. But where this wealth going? This stupendous growth has left us with only 3% of the fire stations we need, only 4% of the necessary personnel, and 19% of the fire fighting vehicles.

Fir breaks out in a 5 star hospital in Calcutta, India. Fire safety measures were nowhere to be seen. 60 persons had to die.  Hospital owners tell us what they are supposed to do.  “We are here to mint money, spending on  safety measures is none of our business.